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Lords Mobile Cargo Ship


In Lords Mobile the Cargo Ship allows you to exchange various resources for other resources and speed ups. The Cargo Ship is first unlocked at Castle level 10 and offers four different item exchanges which are refreshed every 6 hours. This building cannot be upgraded.

Cargo Ship deals you would like to take up but can’t afford can be locked by tapping the little padlock in the top right hand corner. This will then stay until you complete the exchange or unlock the deal.

One advantage of the exchanged resources you receive is that they are always sent to you as items. This means they can’t be stolen until you use them. It is therefore always worth opening your current resource items to complete an exchange.

Not all exchanges in the Cargo Ship are worth taking, so you need to pick which ones you want carefully. Each Cargo Ship exchange has a rating between 1 to 3 stars, with three offering the best returns and one the worst.

Cargo Ship Deals

As a general rule these are the best deals are as follows:-

  • Exchanges for the same resources e.g. 1 million food for 2 million food. You should always take these up if you can afford the cost, as they reward more of the same resources than you started with.
  • Exchange resources for gold. Gold is much harder to come by than the other four resources, so in most cases you will want to take up any offer that rewards gold. It will always cost more resources than you receive back in gold.
  • Exchange food in return for any other resource.  Food is generally the easiest resource to earn. This is because most accounts will have a pure food setup to support their army. If you have a food set up then any deals that require food should be exchanged.
  • 3 Star Speed up exchanges. Speed ups cost a lot of resources to exchange and therefore generally only the three star offers are worth taking up.

In Lords Mobile the Cargo ship can offer you some great deals and it is worth checking back frequently to see what’s available.

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  1. Cargo ship unlocks at L13.

  2. Cargo ship unlocks at Castle L13.

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