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Lords Mobile Colosseum


In Lords Mobile the Colosseum lets you battle your heroes against other players. Unlike other buildings the Colosseum has no upgrade levels, it is simply unlocked at Castle level 10.

You can choose any five of your heroes to battle in the Colosseum, but unlike single player levels you have no control over the actual battle (such as when to use special abilities). The winner of the battle earns experience and rankings.

Rankings allow you to progress up the leader board in order to win prizes and gems every 3 hours. You gain rankings for defeating other players and successfully defending against attacks. You need to be in the top 5,000 on your server in order to earn prizes.

Each day you can attack five different players, but you have no control over who attacks you. You are matched against other players that are near your ranking and not necessarily your level.

Battle bonuses are activated each day which boost or hurt certain heroes stats. You should try to include as many heroes with the applicable boosts in your selection each day.

Colosseum Battle Strategies

There’s not a lot you can do in order to win Colosseum battles other than choosing the right heroes. When picking your heroes make sure you consider the following:-

  • Check out for constellation bonuses that affect different types of heroes and try to include as many as you can.
  • Always include at least one tank (yellow fist) and one healer unit (usually Prima Donna).
  • Use the change button to find easier opponents.
  • When comparing targets ignore their rank and concentrate on their might (metal fist).
  • Don’t just look at hero levels, also check the color surrounding the hero as this denotes their grade. The grades run from white < green < blue < purple < yellow.

The player at the top of the leader board will earn 500 gems every three hours.

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