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Lords Mobile Resource Building Layout


Lords Mobile Resource Building Layout Guide

Once you have fully expanded your turf in Lords Mobile you will have unlocked 22 tiles which you can place resource generating buildings on. I’m talking about your farms, mines, lumber mills and quarries (manors are not covered  in this guide).

Trying to decide how many of each you want to build for the optimal turf layout can be difficult. This guide looks at the pros and cons of a number of different layouts.

Resource Building Basics

Before you get going it’s a good idea to understand how production and storage works. Total resource storage is actually just as critical in deciding what you should build as production rates. Resource production rates can easily be increased with leader boosts and items, but your total storage capacity can only be increased from buildings.

Storage capacity acts a resource soft cap at which point all your production halts. I call it a soft cap because you can actually hold an unlimited amount of each resource, but once you go over your the soft cap all of your production for that resource stops.

Why does this matter?  Well in the beginning it doesn’t really matter too much, but towards the end game you will find that the soft cap kicks in at a very low resource level. In fact most of your farms become useless at level 20+ unless you specialize.

I’ll run through some build examples and you can see why.

Balanced Set Up

With 22 tiles you can’t actually build a completely balanced resource building layout. Let’s say for example you go for 6 farms, 6 mines, 5 quarries and 5 lumber mills. This might seem sensible to new players as you would be correct in thinking that you need all four resources to progress in Lords Mobile.

When all 22 buildings are at max level this will give you the following storage capacities:-

  • 17.25 million food.
  • 11.5 million timber.
  • 10.35 million ore.
  • 11.5 million stone.

This sounds like a lot now, but it really isn’t once you hit the end game. Research will regularly cost you over 100 million in each resource. You will hit these caps very quickly at which point all your production will halt.

In addition trying to maximize your production boosts across four different resources will be very inefficient. A balanced setup is generally a poor build.

Pure Timber, Ore, or Stone

You always need at least one of each building to upgrade your other buildings (until you have maxed out every building anyway). Therefore three of your tiles will be taken up with the other buildings and 19 spare for a pure timber, stone or ore resource building layout.

Now let’s look at the storage capacities of each max build:-

  • Timber 43.7 million.
  • Ore 32.78 million.
  • Stone 43.7 million.

By specializing in one resource you can boost your capacity 3 to 4 times more than a balanced setup and you will be able to boost your production rate in that resource significantly higher.

This set up works well for guild resource groups, where a group of players each specialize in a single resource. They can then share the resources around. It also works great for alt or farm account; a second account you can setup purely to send resources to your main account.

It’s not actually a great build for a new player, or if you want to be self reliant whilst levelling. This is because food becomes a serious problem as your increase the size of your army (which I will explain in the next build).

Beginners Build

A beginners build which works very well for new players is to build 4 lumber mills, 4 mines, 4 quarries and 10 farms. This provides you with a smaller, but steady income of timber, ore & stone, plus a decent supply of food to support your army without going into negative food production.

The reason you want to prevent negative food production is that once you get into the higher research and building upgrades, most of your resources will come from gathering. If you have negative food production you will be constantly losing food. When you are trying to save up 10 million + of each resource, fighting negative food is a pain in the ass.

This is especially true if you are saving up resources over a number of days for an upgrade.  Imagine you go to bed after a day’s gathering and wake up with zero food and have to gather all over again – that’s what negative food production will do to you.

If you remain in positive, or even just break even, food becomes just like the remaining three resources. You will be able to keep what you gather and at least make progress towards the next upgrade.

This is my recommended build for a new player up to level 20.

Pure Food Setup

For levels 21 to 25 I recommend switching to a pure food resource building layout. At level 20+ most of your resources will not be coming from your turf, they will be earnt though items and gathering.

It therefore makes sense to go down to 1 mine, 1 lumber mill, 1 quarry and 19 farms.

It now becomes all about your production rate – to keep yourself out of negative food production. 19 farms at level 20 with a decent boost to food production (1,000% is easily obtainable) will give you almost 3 million food per hour.

This will support an army of 1 million T3 troops, or 2 million T2, or 3 million T1, or a combination of all three without going into negative food production.

Remember that negative food production does not actually kill your troops, or prevent you from training more. What it does do is make it significantly harder to get enough food to train troops, upgrade buildings and continue your research.

Level 25 Setup

Once you actually get to a point where all your buildings are maxed and your army runs into the 10’s of millions of troops, your build will need to change again.

Now food becomes pointless, because whatever you do you will always have very high negative food production. Food will need to come from items, guild members, or your own farm accounts.

Once this happens it’s time to switch back to one of the pure stone, iron or timer setups.


Hopefully if you take anything from this guide, it will be that there is no perfect resource building layout that will last you throughout your time in Lords Mobile. One of the key things to remember is that you must not be afraid to destroy buildings, to try out different setups as you level up.

At different points in the game you will need different builds and it’s important to adapt to this as and when you need to.

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  1. Hi, is this guide still relevant? I only see 14 spots for RSS besides the beginning 4 RSS buildings.

  2. Yeah, I don’t know what’s up but I’d love to see this guide reworked for the true 18 resource tiles actually available at fully expansion. There’s definitely not 22.

  3. only 19 rss tiles =/ not 22 as said

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