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Lords Mobile | Guides | 10 Frequently Asked Questions

Lords Mobile FAQ


This FAQ aims to answer 10 of the most frequently asked questions new players have in Lords Mobile.

1. How do I form a guild, I can’t see the option?

First of all you need to make sure you are not already a member of another guild. If you are you need to leave that guild first by clicking on the guild icon on the tool bar, selecting “manage guild” and then “leave guild”.

You are now free to create your own guild by selecting the guild icon again and then tapping “create guild”.

You need to choose a guild name, tag and logo. Now set the default language for your guild. which will help other players identify what your preferred language is. Click “create” and you will be the owner of a brand new guild.

2. I’m constantly at zero food. How do I get of negative production?

Once you get a moderately sized army food production starts to become an issue. First you need to go for a pure farm setup. That means all resource tiles should have farms on except for one mine, one lumber mill and one quarry.

Next you need to craft some food equipment in your workshop. You should keep this on your hero any time you are not in combat. Make sure you research food production has high as possible in your Academy.

If you have already maxed out the research and construction hero skills mentioned in my beginners guide, you should then sink the rest of your points into food production boosts. Start with maxing Food Production III.

Finally you can use items to increase food production and reduce troop food upkeep. A combination of the above should get your turf back into positive food production, even with a large army to support.

3. Do my troops die when my food runs out?

No they don’t, but it does make it a lot harder to upgrade buildings and research with negative food production.

Trying to build, research and train with negative food production can be quite difficult, so I would always suggest going for a farm build whilst you are still levelling.

4. How do I destroy troops and traps?

For troops, click on your barracks and then select the troop type you want to destroy. There should be a dismiss button in the bottom left that allows you to select the number of troops you want to dismiss.

For traps it is exactly the same except you need to do this through your Castle Walls.

5. How do I move to another kingdom?

If you are past Castle level 5 you can’t move another kingdom unless you create a new account. If you are Castle level 5 or under and are within 7 days of creating your account, you can use a beginners’ relocator to move kingdoms. This is explained in more detail in our Beginners Guide to Lords Mobile.

6. Should I attack with a single troop type or balanced soldiers?

99% of the time it is better to have a single troop type when attacking, but a balanced army for defense. i.e. you should attack with a whole army of just infantry, ranged, or cavalry troops. You might want the throw in a few siege to help take down the walls.

The main reason this is better for an attacker is because you can stack a single troops offensive skills much higher than you can if you had to increase all three troop type stats.  This means all your troops will do more damage overall.

For defense you want a balanced army because you never know what troop type will attack you.

7. How do I play Lords Mobile on a PC or Mac?

You can play the game on certain approved emulators such as Bluestacks, which will allow you to play on a PC or Mac.  You should make sure your game is tied to your Facebook account in order to switch devices, including PC and Mac.

8. What is the Wonder?

The Wonder is located right at the center of a kingdom. You can get to yours by going to the world map and then entering your kingdom.

Any guild leader who seizes the wonder becomes Overlord, or Conqueror. Overlord is give to a guild leader that is from the same kingdom as the wonder. Conqueror is given to a guild that captures a base in a different kingdom.

Wonders goes through two different phases: Battle phase and Protection phase. During battle phase the wonder becomes contested and can be attacked. The guild that holds the wonder for the longest period of time during this phase becomes the occupier and the titles above are awarded to the guild leader.

The wonder then enters protection phase, which means it is locked down and cannot be attacked. Occupying the wonder gives your guild special bonuses, titles and rewards.

9. How can I train troops faster?

Training troops can take quite a bit of time in Lords Mobile. The following allows you to increase troop training speed:-

  • Build lots of Manors and upgrade them as high as possible.
  • Max out Hero Training Speed I & II.
  • Craft Training Speed Equipment.
  • Research Troop Training Speed.
  • Try to keep your training queue going 24/7

The final one is probably the most important, because if you are not training troops continuously all the training speed boosts in the world will not help you!

10. What happens when my hero is executed?

If the unthinkable happens and your leader is executed by another player, don’t worry it’s not as bad as you may think. First of all be reassured that all of your equipment is 100% safe.

You will need to purchase a revival fruit which can be bought for 60,000 guild coins, or 1,000 gems. This will bring your hero back to life with full xp and all of your items!


Hopefully this has answered some of the frequently asked questions many new players will have. If you have any other Lords Mobile questions please feel free to leave them in the comments sections below and I will try to answer them where I can.

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  1. I am new to Lords Mobile and I am absolutely loving the game. Except, I haven’t figured out how to occupy stuff. Like I can occupy tiles but I can’t seem to occupy Fields or Ore Mine things. I can gather ore or food from them and I have also bookmarked them but it still says that the Field, Ore Mine, Ruins or whatever it is, is unoccupied. I just want to know how to occupy those things.

    • I am also in a guild called ‘The Dragon reborn’ (TDr) and all the people are all really nice, except I don’t want to look weak if I ask them in the guild chat how to occupy a Field because it seems like everybody knows how to do it, even the beginner’s. I am also a level 7 castle and I am on level 19.

    • To occupy a resource tile just means you send your troops out to gather on that tile. They will automatically leave once they are at full capacity, or the tile runs out of resources.

    • You press on the tile and then if its unoccupied you can press ‘gather’

  2. Also how do you keep prisoners?

  3. I am at a total loss when it comes to looking at my bookmarks. How can I find my bookmarks?!?

  4. #5 is just plain wrong. You have to buy a migration scroll with guild coins or gems and then you can transfer kingdoms.

    • You can only buy migration scroll with guild coins fyi.

      • You can also purchase the Up and Away pack from the store for $5 and that will provide a migration scroll. There is little in the game that cannot be bought (perhaps indirectly) with cash.

  5. Can a darknest reset after attacking and defeat? If you go back in has the darknest weakened from first attack?

  6. What is the point of the nicknames within a guild? Is it important? I’m fairly new to the game and was wondering if it was something I needed to do, I still have my nickname change token that I received when I started the game.

    • Your player name is publicly visible to everyone, while your guild nickname is only visible to people within your guild. In some cases, you may want to change your public player name (to hide your identity, or possibly to prevent people from mailing you), but a guild nickname can help your guild mates identify you.

      There may also be cases where your player name is too long or complex to type out (IllI1lIIlI11lI for example), so a nickname (Jimmy) would give people a better idea of what to call you.

      They’re very cheap to purchase with guild coins, so there’s no need to save them for anything.

  7. Can an ad account be unlinked from an email

  8. What is that building in the middle of sea that unlocks after wining a relay and what it is use for ?

    • That’s the Transmutation Lab. When you successfully rally a darknest, you’ll receive an essence. You’ll then transmute the essence in the lab and receive random free rewards after a 3 hour, 8 hour, or 12 hour wait.

  9. Can you make a guide about the best way to handle darkness and the best line ups against monsters?

  10. Max Load from Talents improve the army capacity when you attack ? (ex. I want to send 200k troops to attack,which is maximum, with the max load talent I can send like 230k troops ? or it affect just gathering ?

    Sorry for my bad english, I hope you understand what I want to say …

    • The “Max Load” talents boost the “Army Capacity” stat, which increases the carry weight of your army (how many resources your troops can carry), not your army’s size.

      “Army Capacity” is the most misleading name for a stat I’ve ever heard, so don’t feel bad if you originally thought it would let you send more troops. “Army Carry Capacity” would be more appropriate.

  11. My food has been totally slowly automatic loss so what can I do.
    Help me fix it

    • Give up on the food production. Get used to your food being at zero constantly. You need to rely on the food in your backpack or gather whenever you need to build something. The game designers have made it impossible to keep positive production of food when you have even a moderate quantity of troops. Just keep 1 farm for levelling up and focus on other rss.

  12. My characters are stuck at level 31 and wouldn’t level up? Any solutions

  13. I played lords mobile before 4 months I reinstalled it recently but I cannot get my progress that I leave in my account I can see my achievements finished in the play games app I connected my gmail account also but I can’t regain my progress what I want to do

  14. If a leader blocks someone can they still apply to that guild?

    • Yes, they can still apply. There is no way to block someone from applying to the guild (unfortunately). Though they will probably be rejected, if the leader doesn’t want this person in their guild.

  15. I want too know what poison in game

  16. How can i protect my level 10 castle base from level 25 castle chinese attackers, without buying lots of shields

  17. what is coor ?

  18. You can transfer kingdoms without being under castle lvl 5 within 7 days of making your account. You simply save guild coins for about a month and purchase a Migration Scroll. I know this because I recently migrated

  19. I created a guild , wrote the guild announcement but 2days are over and not even a single member joined my guild…how to form a successful guild.

  20. How to unlocked the last jewel slot?

  21. How to unlocked the last jewel slot? i cant figure out how

  22. How will I change my leader?

  23. In #3, you say it’s more difficult to upgrade, train, research and build with negative food production. What is the actual debuff? I have seen no evidence that negative food production effects anything at all. The common consensus is that negative food production or even having 0 food has no effect at all on any of these. The only thing would be you would need to open a few resource packs in your backpack to upgrade anything. If that’s what you consider “being more difficult”, how do I apply for a job there! LOL

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