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Join a Guild

After you have skipped through the tutorial one of the first things you want to do in Lords Mobile is to join a guild.

You do this by clicking on the guild button in the far left hand side of the tool bar (at the bottom of the screen) and then click on “Join Guild”.

This will bring up a list of guilds that you can join. They will either say “apply” or “join” next to them. For the time being just find the guild which has the highest might on the list in the “join” category.

Which guild you choose at this point is not too important, the fact that you are in a guild is what matters. This is because being in a guild allows you access to a large number of game features to help you advance quicker. This includes guild helps – to speed up building and research times, a guild shop to purchase items, guild quests and a whole host of other features.

Perhaps most importantly, it will provide you with some protection and support against attackers. Just being in a guild can deter some players from hitting you. Once you get to grips with the game and have a better understanding of how everything works you can always move guilds.

What to Build First?

The tutorial has probably steered you to building and upgrading a few buildings first, before setting you free to go it alone. You will also notice that you have to fight various skirmishes to unlock more land.

You should be able to quickly unlock the first few areas which will allow you to build the majority of the core buildings. Some buildings you can only build once, whilst others you can build multiple versions of the same building.

Lords Mobile Farms


There are four resource buildings which generate resources for your turn, these are: the farm, lumber mill, quarry and mine.

There are three turf buildings which you can build more than one of, which include: the infirmary, manor and barracks.

Each of the buildings above has a turf quests which rewards you with a large amount of resources and might for building 4 and 10 copies of the same building. To start with you should build 4 farms, complete the quest and then destroy them. Then build 4 mines, complete the quest and destroy them e.t.c. until you have completed each of the “build 4 quests” for all of the above buildings.

Later once you have expanded your turf and have 10 tiles free, you should do the same by building 10 of each building, completing the “build 10 quests” and destroying the excess.

After you finish the above you will be sitting on close to 200,000 of each resource and over 50,000 might.  This provides you with a great head start in Lords Mobile. It’s harder to complete these quests at higher levels as tearing down high level buildings is time consuming and wastes a lot of resources .

Novice Relocator

In the early levels of Lords Mobile you generally can’t go wrong upgrading your buildings in any order, provided you try and keep most of them in line with your Castle.

There is however one important level you should not advance past until you know exactly which kingdom you want to play in and that is Castle level 5.

Up to and including Castle Level 5 you can use a Novice Relocator to move to another kingdom. Once you go over level 5 you will never be able to move kingdoms again. This is important because if your friends play in another kingdom and you go over castle level 5 you will not be able to join their guild and play alongside them.

The novice relocator also expires after 7 days from the date of account creation. So you effectively have a week to decide which kingdom you ultimately want to end up playing in for the life of your account!

To use the novice relocator you simply go to the world map and click on the globe, then select another kingdom and choose a location within the kingdom to relocate to.

Research and Build Timers

You may have noticed you can only ever build, or upgrade a single building at a time. The same applies to research, which is accessed in the Academy. Research allows you to unlock new troops and traps, plus it boosts your hero’s abilities and economic production.

From this point onwards you should aim to be constantly researching and building something.

When you know you are going to be offline for any length of time, try to start a long research and builds timer, to gain the most benefit from your down time.

Research significantly boosts your might and it can’t be lost (like troop and trap might). It won’t be long until most of your might is made up from research, so don’t ignore it.

Your first research goals should be to reduce your build timers by researching construction speed and to unlock tier two troops in the military tree.

Lords Mobile Heroes

Your heroes are a core part of Lords Mobile and should not be ignored. By now your main hero has probably levelled up a few times and you might be wondering where to spend your skill points.

Looking at the skill tree it’s important to understand that the rewards from points you spend get increase exponentially. That is to say spending 10 points in a single ability rewards you with a much higher stat increase than spending 10 points in separate abilities.

Lords Mobile Heroes


The quickest way to get powerful in Lords Mobile is to upgrade your buildings and research. Therefore, for the hero tree you want to focus on research and construction skills. My suggestion is to max out Research 1 and Construction Speed 1 first and then head down the right hand side of the tree. Spend the least amount points needed to get down to Research II and Construction Speed II, then max them both.

Don’t worry too much if you think you have messed up your allocation early on, as it is easy to respect your hero skills later on.

Maxing out these skills will greatly reduce your building and research timers, thus allowing you to level quickly, increase your might faster and unlocking better troops quicker.


If you have followed the above you should now be off to a great start in Lords Mobile. The next step is to work out exactly how many of each type of building you want and I will cover this in a future guide.

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  1. You can move castles to any open kingdom after castle level 5 with a migration scroll.

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