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Lords Mobile Best Attack Troops


Attack and defense guide

In this guide I look at the best troops to pick for defense builds and attacking builds in Lords Mobile. I will answer some of the common questions such as:-

  • Is it better to use just one troop type, or a balance of all four?
  • What are the best troops for attacking?
  • What are the best troops for defending?
  • How much stronger are each troop tier?

Let’s begin with the troop types.

Infantry vs Ranged vs Cavalry vs Siege

There are four troops types in Lords Mobile. The first three: Infantry, Ranged and Cavalry are each strong against one of the other troop types and weak against the remaining.

The final troop type is siege engine, which are weak against all other troops, but strong against defenses (walls and wall traps).

The troop strengths are as follows:-

  • Infantry – Counters vs Cavalry.
  • Cavalry –Counters vs Ranged.
  • Ranged –Counters vs Infantry.

The troop weaknesses are as follows:-

  • Infantry – Countered by vs Cavalry.
  • Cavalry – Countered by  vs Ranged.
  • Ranged – Countered by  vs Infantry.

All of these troop types are weak against wall traps.

Forget about the battle cut scenes

Whist it might be nice to watch your troops in action, the battle cut scenes are really just a broad representation of the actual battle. The battle is determined solely by the games combat mechanics.  You won’t glean any tactical advantage by watching your battles play out.

In fact they can be misleading because it will appear that your infantry troops are being destroyed first as they run into battle and the ranged surviving longest as they stand at the rear. This is a false representation of what is actually happening.

The number of troops you lose and which type of troops you lose will be calculated instantly by the battle mechanics, before the cut scene even starts to play out.

The troop numbers, tier, player boosts and the strengths and weakness of each side will determine the casualties, not which troops run into battle first!

Knowing an opponents troop type helps

In Lords Mobile you should always scout a target to get an accurate report on the number of each troop type present. Once you have this information you can plan your attack by taking the following into consideration:-

  • Siege engine are only really useful when attacking a base with a wall intact and lots of traps. Therefore, if you scout a base and there are no traps and the wall is already at a very low HP, don’t send any siege engine at all.
  • When building a defensive army, siege engine will not really help as they are weak against all troop types.
  • If you are building an army for general defense, it’s a good idea to build equal numbers of infantry, ranged and cavalry. This way you will not leave yourself vulnerable to a large deployment of a single troop type.
  • If you scout a player and see they have a large number of a single troop type, you can make the most of this by sending a whole march of the corresponding stronger unit in your attack.
  • Before sending a rally, ask your guild to send the troops which you have the higest attack boost for. Units in a rally all take on the leaders combat boosts.
  • If you are attacking an enemies turf with a lot of wall traps, you need to send some siege to deal with the wall traps, as well as other troops.

Tip: If you know your target has a significant number of a single troop type, you can respec your leader to boost the opposing troop type. You can also select the appropriate leader equipment to boost your stats for that specific troop further.

Is it better to use a single troop type, or a balance of each?

The short answer is for an attacking army a single troop type is almost always better than a balanced setup. As soon as you have trained enough troops to fill your march, then you should send a single troop type in most circumstances.

Now for the detail…

The majority of players build an even number of each troop type (or roughly anyway). If you attack a player that has a balanced army with a single troop type let’s look at what this means.

  • 1/3 of your troops suffer a penalty against the troops they are countered by.
  • 1/3 gains a bonus against the troops they counter.
  • And the remaining 1/3 gain no advantage or suffer a weakness.

The overall effect means that if you hit someone with the same sized army, you end up evenly matched. Neither player gains an advantage, or suffers a weakness in a battle between a balanced army vs a single unit army.

Attack Boosts

So why bother then? Well we need to factor in one very important advantage you gain with a single troop type: Battle Boosts.

You can stack a single troop’s stats much, much, higher, than trying to increase all four stats evenly.

Provided you put all of your leader points into a single troop type and equip leader gear with the same boosts, you will end up with a much larger boost applied to your whole army, than you could possibly get applied to a balanced force.

It doesn’t matter which troop you choose out of infantry, ranged, or cavalry.

This also holds true when you are not attacking a balanced army. You just choose the troop type that counters the oppontents highest troop type and you gain an even better advantage.

Lords Mobile T1 vs T2 vs T3 vs T4 Troops

You now know that different troop types have different strengths and weaknesses. You also know it’s better to fill a march with one troop type, rather than a balanced set up.

The next important factor to consider is the strength of each tier of troop relative to one another.

To recap the Lords Mobile troops are split into four tiers, which include:-

  • T1 Troops – Grunt, Archer, Cataphract, Ballista.
  • T2 Troops – Gladiator, Sharpshooter, Reptilian Rider,  Catapult.
  • T3 Troops – Royal Guard, Stealth Sniper, Royal Cavalry, Fire Trebuchet.
  • T4 Troops – Heroic Fighter, Heroic Cannoneer, Ancient Drake Rider, Destroyer.

How does each tier compare? Well as a rough guide:-

  • T4 are 50% stronger than T3.
  • T3 are 50% stronger than T2.
  • T2 are 100% stronger than T1.

Therefore applying this to troop numbers:-

  • 1 T4 Troop =  1.5 T3 Troops = 2.25 T2 Troops = 4.5 T1 Troops.
  • and 1 T3 Troop = 1.5 T2 Troops = 3 T1 Troops.
  • and 1 T2 Troop = 2 T1 Troops.

You can use this to work out how many troops you will need to beat your opponent’s army. Please note that this does not take into consideration each players troop boosts.


To recap, when planning your attacks in Lords Mobile you should scout your opponent and take a note of the number of troops defending in each tier and the type of troops. You can then work out what you need to beat them.

One troop type is almost always better for attacking, simply because you can stack that troops attack, defense and health stats much higher than concentrating on all four types.

For defending you want a balanced army of cavalry, infantry and ranged to stop players from sending an attacking force made up of your army’s weakness. The biggest advantage you have for defending is that you can house an unlimited number of troops compared to an attacker who is limited by their march size.

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  1. Lords Mobile Player

    “The troop numbers, tier, player boosts and the strengths and weakness of each side will determine the casualties, not which troops run into battle first!”

    “The overall effect means that if you hit someone with the same sized army, you end up evenly matched. Neither player gains an advantage, or suffers a weakness in a battle between a balanced army vs a single unit army.”

    I don’t agree. I think you are wrong about this 🙂
    Add my line id (keliori) if you want to discuss more.

  2. in real fact 1T4 = more than 4 T3 !!! this part isn’t true 🙂

  3. The troop counters you have listed are somewhat confusing in the way it’s written. It makes more sense when you think of it this way.

    The troop strengths are as follows:-
    Infantry Kills Ranged
    Cavalry Kills Infantry
    Ranged Kills Cavalry

    The troop weaknesses are as follows:-
    Infantry – Countered by Cavalry.
    Cavalry – Countered by Ranged.
    Ranged – Countered by Infantry.

  4. Yeah this article needs updated. Troop counters are completely wrong.

  5. If you hit a person with 100% infintry and they are even mix you will lose out 100% if they are in a cav phalanx. Since only hitting cavs all of your troops attack is debuffed. While even mix only 1/3 of attack is debuffed. Also none of the enemies defense would be debuffed. It would actually be buffed because the infintry is weak against cavs. In infintry phalanx it would still be a loss. Infintry would hit cavs and infintry so they would be debuffed when attacking half of the troops.

  6. This thread is now in need of updating due to the addition of various battle arrays; there is major consideration necessary for which troop array one will choose, phalanx/wedge, of either infantry/calvary/ranged. I will not explain it here; but I recommend practicing on dn rallies, where the array chosen by both sides has a sizeable influence on what actually happens in the battle, as well as the outcomes if the fight is close. Yes, it matters.

  7. Please update this article since it misled some of players. Infantry counters range, range counters cavalry and cavalry counters infantry.
    What written in the strength of each troop doesn’t make any sense with its weakness.

  8. The green ones are wrong..please fix

  9. hi, what troops to use when rally a darknest with same number of infantry and archer?

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