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Lords Mobile Gain Might Fast



In Lords Mobile Might is everything. Whilst Might may not directly benefit you as a player, indirectly it shows other players how far advanced you are in the game and how strong of an opponent you are likely to be.

Your Might will determine which guilds you can join and will effect how often you are attacked by other players. It is the overall ranking factor that most players strive to increase.

What are the types of Might?

Before we look at increasing might fast, first we need to understand the different types you can earn and lose.

This includes:-

• Buildings
• Research
• Player level
• Quests
• Expanding your Turf
• Troops and traps

Not all of the Might you gain will be permanent. Troop and traps might can easily be lost if your troops are killed in battle and do not end up in the infirmary. Whilst you are growing you want to concentrate on the permanent sources and not so much on troops and traps.


Upgrading and constructing buildings increases your might. A significant amount of might is earnt through your buildings. To maximise build times you need to do the following:-

• Make sure you are constantly upgrading, or building something at all times.
• Reduce your building timers as much as possible.

For the first point you should always start long building timers when you know you will be offline for extended periods of time. Ideally you want an 8 hour + timer when you go to bed, so you don’t end up completing a building whilst you are asleep and waste potential build time.

For the second point you need to maximize your construction boost as much as possible. You can do this by maxing Construction I and Construction II in the leader talent point tree as quickly as possible. You also need to max construction research on the economic research tree.

Finally you should craft yourself a good construction boost set and equip this just before starting any building upgrades. Remember that the whole build time is determined solely by your construction boost when you start the build. Once you start building you can take your construction equipment off. Check out our building calculator to find out how different construction boosts effect build timers.


A large chunk of your might will come from research (far more so than buildings). Just like building might, the trick is to always research 24/7 and to reduce your research timers. You should max research I and II in the leader talent point tree. In addition upgrading your Academy will also boost research speed.

It’s also worth checking out the deals in the Cargo Ship for 3 star research speed ups. These deals can offer you a lot of research timer speed ups in exchange for resources.

Finally just as you have crafted a construction speed set of gear, you should also craft a dedicated research set.

Player Level

Increasing you player level in Lords Mobile offers an easy way to quickly increase your might. The best way to increase your level (aside from just progressing through the game) is to complete a lot of admin, guide and VIP quests.

To do this you need to get to VIP 8 so that you can auto complete admin and guild quests. You should then use all of your guild coins to purchase Admin and Guild Quest Scrolls. Admin and Guild Quest scrolls are some of the best value items in the guild shop. They allow you to refresh your quest list and then with VIP 8 auto complete a very large number of quests.

This will give you a significant amount of experience towards your player level and on top this rewards you with resources and materials to craft with.


As mentioned above, completing admin and guild quests will quickly help you to level up, but they do not directly award you with might. Turf quests however do reward you with might. Turf quests are completed for in-game firsts i.e. the first time you upgrade a building, unlock a research level, train a batch of troops e.t.c. You will pick up most of these as you play through the game, but there are a few hidden Turf quests which reward a nice chunk of might early on.

The first set is to build four of each type of resource and urban buildings, which includes: Farms, Mines, Quarries, Lumber Mills, Infirmary, Manor and Barracks. Building just 4 level 1 buildings of each type rewards you with a quest, earning might and resources. You can destroy the excess buildings after you complete the quest.

The second set of quests is to build 10 of each of these buildings. Note that you need to expand your Turf quite a bit before you can complete these quests.

Expanding your Turf

This is a pretty limited source of might which you can only earn early on in the game. Effectively every time you unlock a new area of your turf you are rewarded with might.

Troops and Traps Might

Finally troops and traps will make up a very large chunk of your might later on in the game. To start with however try not to rely on troops and traps to gain might, as it can easily be lost after an attack on your turf.

You will however need some kind of army whilst leveling in order to gather resources. One of the main ways to offer some protection to your troops, is by keeping your infirmary beds above your troop numbers. This means if your turf is attacked you can quickly heal your troops and regain the lost might.


Hopefully this will have given you a broad overview of how to gain might in Lords Mobile. The key thing to remember is whilst you are levelling  keep building and researching 24/7 and do not rely too much on troop and trap might.

If you have any other suggestions on how to increase your might quickly, please let us know in the comments section below.

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