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Lords Mobile | Guides | How to Power Level to Castle 25 (Part 1)

Lords Mobile Power Level


How to Power level to Castle level 25

A lot of new players to Lords Mobile find their progress is hampered due to constant attacks from high level players.  This can be off putting, leaving you to feel at a signinfincant disadvantage to more established players.

I’m putting together a series of guides aimed at power levelling your Castle to max level. The stratgey used means you don’t have to worry about constantly being wiped out by high level players.

Whilst Castle level isn’t everything, it does open up access to level 25 buildings with all the extra bonuses that go with them. Castle level 25 also gives you the largest march size in the game and allows you to unlock all the research in the game.

Three months ago I started a new account to see how quickly I could get to Castle level 25 with a very casual play style. The goal was to spend no money, have no help from alt accounts, or guild members and log in only once or twice a day.

Three months later and I’m sat here watching my level 25 Castle construction bar slowly creeping across the screen.

In this series I will explain exactly how I did it and how you can do it, even if you suffer continuous attacks from the start.

Step 1: Kingdom and Map Position

In Lords Mobile you can get to level 25 whilst suffering constant attacks from your enemies. However, in reality the less you are hit, the easier your life will be.

Now the important part about starting out is not to move from your initial location, or kingdom until you are about to upgrade to Castle level 6. This is because below level 6 you can teleport to any kingdom using a Novice Relocation. At Castle level 6 this ability is lost.

As soon as you are about to upgrade to level 6 you should navigate to the world map and find the highest number kingdom you can.  Ideally you want to find a kingdom that has “Protection Ending” as close to 90 days as possible.

This provides you with 3 months before any high level players can port into your kingdom, at which point you will already be at max level. This will significantly reduce the number of high level players attacking you from the start.

As for the position in the kingdom, you should choose the edge of a map in an area where level 1 to 3 monsters spawn. Ideally stay away from large groups of players. This will offer you the best chance at keeping a low profile.

You can ignore resource tiles as you will not be gathering at all during the next three months. That’s right you will not be gathering any resources in our road to Castle level 25!

Step 2: Joint a Guild

It’s important not to try and join a top guild whilst you are levelling. Your sole purpose for this account is to power level to 25 as quickly as possible in a semi-passive role.  Helping your guild mates in wars, with resources, or counter attacks will slow your progress down considerably.

If you join an active top guild you will soon be kicked out for not participating. Once you get to level 25 that is the time to look for a decent guild if you wish to take a more active role.

For levelling all we are using the guild for is:

  • Guild helps to speed up buildings & research.
  • Guild quests for resources, materials and experience.
  • Gifts for extra resources, speed ups and items.

Simply search for the highest Might guild that does not require an invite. After playing for a day or two, if you find you are not receiving a full bar of guild helps for construction and research fairly quickly, drop the guild and look for another.

Step 3: Turf Layout

For your resource buildings I suggest going for the beginners setup covered in my Lords Mobile layout guide here. This will mean building 10 farms, 4 mines, 4 lumber mills and 4 quarries. This layout will provide you with a large amount of food production and average production for the remaining three resources.

One of each resource building will need to be levelled up as a prerequisite to upgrade the rest of your buildings. For the remaining buildings i.e. 9 farms, 3 mines, 3 lumber mills and 3 quarries, don’t bother upgrading them past level 10 as it will just slow your progress down.

For you urban buildings go for 2 barracks, 4 infirmaries and the rest manors. This will provide you with enough barracks to train the troops you need and enough infirmary beds for the troops you are going to use. The manors will be purely for gold production. Again don’t bother levelling up any of the additional buildings past level 10.

Step 4: Building Upgrades

The key strategy for a Lords Mobile power level account is to only upgrade the direct and indirect building requirements needed for your Castle. All other buildings upgrades can be ignored until they are needed.

Every Castle level require your Castle Walls to be upgraded first and at least one other building.

Your Castle Walls always require your Workshop, which in turn requires your Mines. Therefore every new Castle level you should always upgrade the following buildings first:-

Mines  >  Workshop > Castle Walls.

This leaves you with one other building which you will need to bring up to your Castle level (including any requirements for that building). The requirements for each level can be seen on our Castle Upgrade page here.

You can ignore all other buildings (the exception being the Treasure Trove which I will come to next).

Step 5: Gems

I will just quickly mention gems at this point, because it is very important you do not spend any gems until you have saved up at least 10,000. Now as this is a free to play account the only gems you will get will be from guild gifts, VIP chests, the colosseum and from monsters. You will find you also get a good number of gems every time the game is down for maintenance.

The reason you need to save 10,000 gems is because you need these to invest in your Treasure Trove as soon as you unlock it. 10,000 gems is the minimum investment you can make and provides the biggest source of free gems in the game.

Ideally you want to have 10k saved up for when you first unlock your Treasure Trove at level 17 for immediate investment. The rest of your gems should be used to buy crystal pickaxes to upgrade your Treasure Trove further (but not until you have invested the first 10k).


That concludes the first part of my Lords Mobile power level guide. Part two looks at the troop requirement you need, your leader skills, leader equipment and research.

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  1. I have been playing 56 days now, i have spent nothing on the game, my guild is attacked daily yet my C25 completeion is only days away. It can be done in less than 2 months 😉

  2. There are only 18 spots for building RSS, not 22.

  3. brother u not tell that, while upgrading castel , research will continue or it stop completely until castel not reach lvl 25

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