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Lords Mobile Unlock and Upgrade Heroes


How to Unlock and Level Up Heroes

The Heroes in Lords Mobile are one of the main features that sets it apart from similar games in this genre. The ability to use multiple heroes during attacks, battles and hero stages brings a whole new dynamic to the game.

Hero Stages are more than just a mini game inside Lords Mobile. Hero stages allow you to unlock new heroes, level up your heroes, gain trophies, gold and speedups. This guide explains how the hero stages work, how to unlock new heroes and how to upgrade your existing heroes to make them more powerful.

What are Hero Stages?

Hero stages are accessed via the gold hero statue near the center of your turf. Once you tap the statue you will enter a whole set of single player stages to battle through and unlock new heroes.

The stages are split into chapters and levels. There are 8 chapters with 18 levels in each chapter. Every three levels you fight a mini boss stage, which you can return to again at any point in the future.

The chapters are split into two difficulty settings: Normal and Elite. You need to play through the normal levels in order to unlock the elite versions. The Elite stages only include the mini boss levels.

If you make it through the boss stages (levels 3, 6, 9, 12, 15 and 18 of each chapter) with all your heroes alive you will unlock the ability to sweep through the stage. This effectively allows you to complete the stage instantly without having to actually play it.

Unlocking New Heroes

In Lords Mobile Hero Medals are used to unlock heroes and upgrade your heroes grade. You can only obtain hero medals from completing elite stages. It requires 10 medals to unlock each hero. To do this you first need to click on your hero screen and select then the second tab down with the “?” as show below.

Lords Mobile Unlock Heroes


Next tap the hero you want to unlock and it will bring up the elite stages you need to complete to earn this particular hero’s medals. The stages in bold mean you have already unlocked the level, the grayed out stages still need to be unlocked.

The image below shows how to unlock Soul Forger. You can see that Soul Forger medals can be obtained from elite stages 2-18 and 7-9. The higher the chapter, the more medals that will drop from completing the stage. You can see below I have only unlocked stage 2-18, which means this is the level I will need to play to earn medals.

You can also see I currently have 9/10 of the required medals to hire Soul Forger.

Lords Mobile Hero Chapters Stages


Tapping the icon will immediately take you to the level. As you can see below I have three crowns on this stage, which means I have already completed this stage with all 5 of my heroes alive. I can now sweep the stage without having to actually play through the level. If you don’t have three crowns you can still earn medals by playing through the stage.

Lords Mobile Hero Stage Boss


Once you have 10 hero specific medals he will appear in the hero selection screen and you simply tap hire to recruit your new hero.  Note that you can also unlock some heroes by purchasing special packs and from completing certain chapters in the hero stages.


Hitting the blue sweep button will complete the level once. The red will use the maximum amount of STA you have to complete the stage as many times as possible (a maximum of 10 times). All the items, experience, gold and medals will be show after the sweep.

All Elite stages require 12 STA to complete, whether you play the level through or use the sweep button.

One of the other main advantages of using a sweep (other than saving a lot of time) is that you can choose which heroes to allocate the experience to. This will allow you to level up new heroes without having to take them into combat.

Upgrading Heroes

There are three main ways to upgrade your hero stats in Lords Mobile which are as follows:-

Leveling up your Hero

Leveling up your hero is done by earning experience in battles and stages, or applying experience items from sweeps. Your heroes level will be capped at your overall player level.

Once your heroes approach your current level cap it is much better to do sweeps than actually playing through stages. Sweeps allow you to either retain the experience for when you raise the level cap, or use it on your other heroes.

Upgrading your hero’s rank.

Upgrading your hero’s rank is done by equipping a full set of trophies for your hero and then selecting upgrade. You earn trophies from completing stages and through sweeps. Some trophies are made by combining multiple lower quality trophies together.

You can easily find where a trophy drops by selecting the missing slot and then tapping on the missing items you need. Just like the medals it will show you the stage you need to play to get the drops. Tapping the stage will take you directly to it. Once you have a full set of trophies you can upgrade your rank which allows you to unlock new hero abilities.

Upgrading your Heroes Grade

Finally you can upgrade your heroes grade using medals. This is done in exactly the same way as unlocking heroes to begin with, except you need more medals for each hero grade.

When you first unlock a hero you will get a grey grade hero. The next upgrade requires 20 medals to upgrade your hero to green. You can then upgrade to blue which requires 50 medals. Purple requires 100 medals and finally yellow, or legendary grade which requires 500 medals.

Upgrading your heroes grade significantly increases their strength.


Hopefully that explains how to unlock and upgrade your heroes in Lords Mobile. If you have any other questions relating to heroes please let me know in the comments section below and I will try to help you out where i can.

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  1. Hi Snow Queen, i am confuse about the heroes grade and level problem, should i upgrade the grade of my heroes first or i can upgrade both of it in the same time? because i am wondering the stats that every level heroes gain will be different?

    • Yes you can work towards upgrading both at the same time. You do this by repeatedly sweeping through the elite stage that rewards medals for your chosen hero and then apply all the xp you get for those sweeps to the same hero.

      • Alright, if there no effect for the stats, then i will no worry boost my heroes level, haha…thanks for your information and guide 🙂 Cheers

  2. Which heroes are actually best as leaders? Are rare heroes or the heroes that I can work in long term? Another question is that I am having hard time forging equipments. Can u give me some tips?

    • It will depend on what you are doing in game. A hero with a research boost will be better as your leader whilst researching, resource boosts are generally good whilst you are offline and a hero with combat boosts will be better for combat situations. You should be prepared to swap leaders when necessary.

      What specifically are you struggling with forging equipment?

      • Research, Construction, Training Speed and RSS Production boosts are active at all times regardless of if the hero is your current leader. Your primary concerns for your leader should be offense, defense or hiding troops.

        Shelter size goes up with the command size of your leader so a higher rank leader means more troops in the shelter. Other than that pick a hero who’s combat/wall boosts match your troop compilation.

  3. No mention on hero might?

  4. Was curious about how much might you get from upgrading the hero rank and grade. Please and thank you

    • Rank 2 = 3,500
      Rank 3 = 4,000
      Rank 4 = 6,000
      Rank 5 = 7,500
      Rank 6 = 10,500
      Rank 7 = 12,500
      Rank 8 = 40,500

      Green = 45,000
      Blue = 90,000
      Purple = 180,000
      Gold = 360,000

      • Hi,i am Soyem,my friends call me as Sam.well i got one question to ask you that according to your chart as it shown above,rank 2=3,500,rank3=4,000,etc.my heros are at rank 6 and now i can’t raise up the rank,so what should i need to do to raise up my rank or how should i earn the points to rank up ?

  5. How do you get your heroes past level 15, I couldn’t find a way on the internet?

  6. My heros are maxed out at level 29 how do I get the to level 30 ect?

    • You increase you level to raise cap on hero. Hero can not be higher level than you

    • Things worth mentioning:

      1. Hero level is capped at your player level so if player level is 29, your hero cannot advance past that.
      2. Legendary grade is only 150 medals, not 500
      3. Start advancing grades and don’t worry about rank in the early game. Doing grades will earn you all the items you really need to advance rank as a side project. If you start with hero ranks, you will have no use for the items earned when doing grades.
      4. Someone please, please, please post the optimal hero setup for hero (elite) stages and monster attacking.

      • A note on Rank vs Grade early on.

        Heroes are worthless in Colosseum and higher level Elite Stages if they are not rank 7 due to how awesome that final skill is. Also, extra hero trophies can be sold for gold so they are not really wasted when you collect more than you can use.

    • Heather, you can only level your heroes up to your player level. It sounds like your player level is 29. Once you level that then your heroes will be able to get to level 30.

  7. I got a question about purchasable heroes and idk if this has been answered anywhere but I can’t seem to find it so here goes, if I don’t buy the hero when it is being offered will I ever be able to again? If I don’t buy the medals for the hero when offered, will I be able to another time and how long is it offered for? Will I ever encounter it in stages? I see a lot of nice heroes and don’t want to blow all my money at once. Thanks!

    • Paid heroes cycle through. If you don’t buy it right away you will have to wait a few weeks for another chance but it will come around again.

      You fight against the paid heroes quite a bit in stages but never get medals for them there. There have been a few special events where you can earn medals for paid heroes but you get them so rarely it is not practical to unlock heroes that way.

  8. You should make a Hero guide that list all the heroes and what passive skills and other info.

  9. What is the drop rate of items won’t in hero battles? Specifically hero medal. Thanks

  10. hello. please help me!! my friend asked me to “Beat a Monster Level 2”. I confused, what is the meaning of “Beat a Monster Level 2”?? I’m a rookie for game like this. please enlighten me anyone!! I’m currently in level 6. thank you so much

    • You should perform research on academy for level 2 monster. Hunting level 2 monster will reward you better even if you failed to defeat it.

    • It means beat a level 2 monster

    • When your friend said beat a level 2 monster, that is meaning that he/she wants you to attack a monster that has the level corespondent to the number 2.

    • Check the monsters that appear on the map. They have a boxed number written next to their name. 1 jade wyrm, 2 bon appetti, 3 Frostwing, 4 gargantua, 5 gryphon etc. That number is the level of the monster. All monsters will have from level 1 to level 5. A level 2 is impossible for you if you are just level 6 player. Confirm with your friend to check if he was not just trolling with you.

  11. Hey.. how to upgrade heroes when hero is in max level

  12. hi . thnx for ur proper explanation . i got a question . how can i have other heroes out of the list of heroes i have to hire . sth new

  13. How many heroes can you have? Its there a max number of heroes?

  14. I am newbie and confused about how you mentioned we can level up new heroes without having to take them into combat? Please please kindly advise because i don’t see new hero exp gaining unless I. Bring them into battle through stages.

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