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Lords Mobile Unlock Tier 4 Troops


How to unlock Tier 4 Troops

Unlocking tier 4 troops is arguably one of the biggest achievements you will ever make in Lords Mobile. Whilst most players can easily unlock tiers 1 to 3 within a month or so of casual play – tier 4 is a completely different story

Compared to getting to Castle level 25, or unlocking hero level 60; tier 4 troops are in a completely different league.

So what exactly are the requirements to unlock tier 4 troops? Why is so hard? Can you do it without spending any real money? How long will it take? How much real money does it cost to get there?

This guide aims to answer all these questions in the road to unlocking tier 4 troops.

Requirements for Tier 4 Troops

First we need to look at the requirements. Now if you simply tap on any of the tier 4 troops in your academy you will see there appears to be very few requirements to unlock them. The first is a level 25 Academy and the second is the military research: Army Offense I level 10.

Sounds simple enough, but the pre-requisites for these two upgrades are absolutely insane.


I’ll start with the building requirements. As mentioned above to train tier 4 troops you need to have a level 25 Academy.

This is where the pain begins. For levels 1 to 24 the only building requirement to upgrade your Academy is your Castle. This means as soon as you level up your Castle, you have access to the next Academy level.

Sadly it all changes at level 25. To upgrade your Academy from level 24 to 25 you need to have one of every building in the game at level 25.

The image below shows you the Academy’s immediate building requirements, but to get these buildings to level 25 requires all your other buildings to be 25 as well.

Lords Mobile Academy Requirements


Steel Cuffs, Soul Crystals and War Tomes

Okay so you have just got your Castle to 25 and are thinking, that wasn’t too tough really. The Castle has the highest resource requirement to upgrade out of all the buildings, so if I can get my Castle to 25, I can probably managed to get the rest of my buildings up to 25 too, right?

That’s until you consider that every building to level 25 includes the Prison, Battle Hall and Altar. These three buildings don’t just require standard resources (which can be obtained fairly easily), they also require: Steel Cuffs, Soul Crystals and War Tomes to upgrade.

The above items are not at all easy to obtain. In fact you will almost certainly have to purchase large quantities of these with gems.

How many do you need?

Each building requires 20,000 from Level 0 to level 25. At a gem cost of 10,000 gems for 1,000 war tomes, 1,000 steel cuffs or 1,000 soul crystals…. you will need a grand total of 600,000 gems to purchase everything you need.

Now whilst you can obtain some of these items in game through chests and guild gifts e.t.c.  you will be playing for years if you think you can get 20,000 of each without purchasing most of them from the gem store.

Of course in addition to this you also are looking at close to 1 billion normal resources and over 1,000 days of speed ups (before boosts),  to get all your buildings upgraded!


As if the building requirements were not bad enough, you also need a ton of research completed in Lords Mobile before you can unlock tier 4 troops.

Remember that the direct requirement to unlock tier 4 troops is only Troop Defense I 10, but you will soon find that Troop Defense I 10 requires Troop Health I 10, which in turn requires Troop Attack I 10, which in turn requires….

….and so on and so forth, until you actually find you have to max all the abilities in the entire economics and military tree to level 10, before you can unlock a single tier 4 troop.  The only exception is Gem Harvesting in the economics tree, which you can ignore.

This will cost you around 2 billion resources and 1 billion gold. The time cost is over 4,500 days before research boosts.

Total Cost

Taking all of the above into consideration, you are looking at the following:-

  • 600,000 gems for the Steel Cuffs, Soul Crystals and War Tomes.
  • 15 years of timers (5 years with 200% boost to research).
  • 3 billion resources (food, stone, lumber and ore).
  • 1 billion gold

Is that even Possible?

Admittedly the above resource, gold, gem and time cost may seem ridiculous, without spending a fortune of real money and right now that might be true.  However, it probably will be doable without spending huge amounts of money in the future due to game inflation (but I’ll come back to that later).

As of right now the resources are probably the easiest to obtain, with the use of alt farming accounts and help from your guild, you will get there in the end.

Gold is a little harder, but again if you keep farming and trading, you will be surprised how quickly you can build up your gold reserves.

Steel Cuffs, Soul Crystals and War Tomes are a little more difficult. If you are in a guild with a high gift level and big spenders, you can actually get a big chunk of these from guild gifts.

You need to maximize the use of the Treasure Trove which will bring in 21,000 free gems a month. You will probably still need to purchase some gem packs on top.

15 Years Though?!

If you manage to all of the above, then the hardest part is actually reducing 15 years of timers down to a realistic figure.

You really need between 200%-300% in research boosts before you hit any of those long timers. This can be reached with the right leader talent point spec and research equipment. 200% reduces it down to 5 years and 300% down to 3.75 years.

Remember guild helps also reduce your timers significantly.  Guild helps reduce the remaining time left by 1% per help, so don’t use any speed ups until all of your helps have been received.

Finally you will need a large number of speed ups to reduce the balance of those lengthy timers. The best way to get speedups is by carefully completing events.

The trick here is to use speed ups to finish research/build timers, to get to the required points to win the event. You need to make sure the rewards for each prize are equal to, or greater than the amount of speed ups you have spent.

This way you will complete a large chunk of research, or building upgrades, but still manage to recover most gems/speedups you use.

Game Inflation

I mentioned earlier that even taking into account all of the above, it may still be impossible to unlock tier 4 troops without spending a lot of real money.

A large part of this is due to the fact that Lords Mobile is a relatively new game.  As new features are added to the game the developers will have to keep increasing cost for new research and building upgrades, to make the game challenging for high level players.

As this happens they will adjust the gem packs, offering significantly more items and gems. This allows high level players to purchase the required packs to unlock the really expensive research. The knock on effect is that lower level players also have access to these high level packs.

This in turn makes it much quicker to upgrade the early buildings and research, including tier 4 troops.

So for the time being you should use all of the above tips to get as far as you can towards unlocking tier 4 troops in Lords Mobile. You probably won’t have to wait too long until much better gem packs start to appear in the gem store.

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  1. As of January, 2017. The game has only got a bit cheaper. Now, for 1000 of the special items to level up the special buildings you pay 9,500 gems. The amount of money to level up the heroes to gold is still insane. You need to spend over 1000 bucks if you want to have about 3-4 heroes in gold in a range of 3 months or before your kingdom protection ends. IGG is still too greedy.

  2. The game got more expensive for UK players as IGG favour the Chinese and asian markets they did not take into account that the £Sterling is not the weakest commodity. I cannot see IGG making the game any easier for any players from USA and Europe.

  3. Seriously the game is not worth playing with the way the IAPs are for anyone except the Asian region. I’ve given up on bothering with trying to get T4s, it simply isn’t worth the bother. IGG need their heads caved in as far as I’m concerned, I recently was forced out of my protected kingdom because the Asian guilds in there had taken over the entire bloody thing. I was sheltered and or shielded permanently and random relocating just to have a chance of not getting burned.
    It’s completely unfair for anyone not in those regions, I moved to another Kingdom and since then things have only gotten slightly better.
    I do not recommend this game to anyone.

  4. Can you unlock T4 without having a Level 25 castle? I know a player saying that he has T4 troops but his castle level is 21.

    • @Blah

      No, C25 is required. L25 Altar, Battle Hall, Prison, and Academy is also required.

      They’re lying majorly.

    • No you can’t. As said, you need to have every economy research (except gem harvesting), and every military research maxed out at level 10. In order to do that you need academy level 25, in order to get academy level 25 you need 1 of every building level 25 etc. So that player is talking bullshit.
      I do remember a few months ago there were players using a hack to have T4 with lower level castles but they got banned

    • No way possible

    • And you belive him? 😀 nooby

    • No u have to have lvl 25 castle to Get t4 if he say no its Bs or he is hacking the game

    • Captain Morgan

      Nope you can’t unlock them without all level 25 buildings and around 70 million might of research. You should burn his castle just to be safe. Never know that guy could be a Pakistani

  5. If you play smart you can reach academy level 25 in 365 days from the beginning and then T4 in 400 days. Search for F2P guide by LoreAngelo . It covers everything on how to do it. For F2P it is possible to reach T4 in that amount of time. Compare this time to that which it takes people to max town hall 11 in Clash of Clans. CoC requires 3-4 years of regular play to max everything. Lords Mobile is way less in terms of time. I started the game in August 2016 and played for 3 months and left the game, because of the reason that the guys above talked of. When I saw that time it would take to upgrade stuff, but when I read the “F2P guide by Lore Angelo” I got hope. And now it has been 1 month since I have come back. And my progress is very good. You just need to play smart. And change your goal from “becoming the strongest” to “becoming a maxed out F2P player with 100 mil+ might”. Just change this thinking and you will get there. It is possible. And in very little time.

  6. Uvuvwevwevwe onyetenyevwe ugwemubwem ossas

    I have 15 year 😂

  7. i’m f2p and have 661 consecutive login (well actually ive played way before collecting login streak), it took roughly a year and half to get t4, but if you have a guild with decent box, well you know, that 10b+ guild, you’ll get t4 in less than a year, gems is very important for f2p, never i said again, NEVER spend gems on troops before you have t4, you’ll need 360k gems for 3 big research, that lvl 10 army health attack and deff, or a huge amount of speed ups, 1 big research will cost 100m+ gold, and 120-130 day (for f2p with gold f2p gear and 30 guildmates help) i recommended you save your gold even after the big research, ask your mates for gold or just go pillaging, well, still think that tough?
    then, after you done with your big research, you still need to research t4 with 11m gold each and a approximately a month of research time (with max help),
    now dont get your hopes too high because 10k t4 requires 10m each rss and 5m gold with 3-5 day training time (its 3/4 days with full manor), thats just crazy!!
    luckily i saved my green speed up (60,30,15,10 min) since i create this acc, that time i’ve around 100 day speed up, so i start train t4 like crazy,
    well if you think having a t4 is nice you should see their healing cost, i almost drain bank rss just for training and healing them,

    sorry for my bad english…. :/
    if you have any question regarding lords mobile just shot me a mail => K N l G H T (with “L”not “ï”)

  8. I have just unlocked my first t4 troop after 1,5 years of playing entirely f2p. Current might 123 mil. It is doable but you need to be in good and stable guilds and spend your speeds and gems wisely.

  9. This whole article makes me wanna cry 😂

  10. I gave up on T4, I prefer having millions of T3,T2,&T1, which is actually easier to get. Moreover I can’t be soloed by any T4, and this is why I gave up on T4.
    Actually bigger might castles never fighting one another on one on one basis,bthey depend on rally coz the number of troop count are bigger. The best way is to always use anti scout.

  11. Can you tell me how you have done you time calculations? In my book economy tree are 1044 days and military 7206 days, so thats like 22 years, not 15. I have checked numbers twice. Thanks.

  12. 15 Years, so i will get my T4 at 30 years old xD lol

  13. You don’t need to Max prison and all the buildings in turf just few buildings needs to be c25 and also you dont need to max your economy research too for t4

  14. The best way to get resources (RSS) is to attack inactive players/castles. Dpn’t be scared to scout level 25 castles that aren’t in a guild. When you find a lvl 25 hyper (focuses on one rss) bookmark it.

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