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Lords Mobile Power Level Part 2


This is part two of my solo free-to-play guide on how get to Castle level 25 in Lords Mobile. This guide looks at a tried and tested method to get to level 25 in under 3 months, without spending money on gems, or with help from your guild.

In Part 1 I covered how to set your account up, including the kingdom you should choose and the layout of your turf.

In Part 2 I’m going to look at troops, resources, research and talent point builds.

Step 6 – Troops and Traps

One of the biggest time sinks for the majority of new players are troops. Not just the initial resource cost and time to train, but also the healing cost and troop replacement cost after a battle. In our power level guide we will only train the minimum number of troops needed to unlock all the additional areas of your turf.

You will not use troops for any of the following:-

  • Attacking other players.
  • Gathering on resource tiles.
  • Reinforcing guild mates.
  • Joining rallies.

Once you unlock Tier 2 troops just keep training troops until you have enough to take out each stage. Make sure your infirmary capacity is always higher than your troop numbers.

If you get attacked whilst you are building up your army just let your troops go to your infirmary and don’t revive them. You can then revive all your troops in one go just before you plan to attack one of the single player levels.

Remember that you can attack each level multiple times to slowly eat away at the defending troops. Once you have unlocked all the areas stop training troops completely and leave them in your infirmary.

Traps are even easier – don’t build any full stop!

Step 7 – Resources

By now you might be wondering how you will get enough resources in Lords Mobils to upgrade all your buildings and keep your research going 24/7 without gathering at all.

You will get a small amount of the ore, lumber and stone from your mines, quarries, lumber mills. You should get a fairly large amount of food from your farms due to the setup mentioned in Step 3.

However, this will be nowhere near enough to get to level 25. The rest of your resources will come from your Cargo Ship. I cannot stress enough how good the Cargo Ship is at providing resources. You should be able to stock pile millions of each resource. Best of all, any resources you exchange in the Cargo Ship are sent to you as “resource items” which cannot be stolen!

The rules for the Cargo Ship are as follows:-

  • If you see an exchange of resources for the same type e.g. stone for stone, take the exchange whatever the rating.
  • If you see an exchange that costs food in return for any other resource, including gold, then take the exchange whatever the rating.
  • A two, or three star exchange between stone, lumber or ore should be taken up. However, only accept a one star if you are very low on the resource you will receive.
  • Only ever accept a three star exchange that rewards food. Ignore one and two stars.
  • You can accept two, or three star exchanges that reward gold provided you have a decent stockpile of the resource you are exchanging with.

If you follow the above rules you will find you slowly start to stockpile large amounts of all the resources. Because of your farm layout and lack of troops, you should rarely find you run out of food. This is why you should always take up all the food offers.

Step 8 – Leader Talent Points & Equipment

Your talent point leader spec in Lords Mobile is fairly straight forward for this build. You need to max the following skills using the minimum amount of points to get to each one:-

  • Construction Speed I
  • Research I
  • Construction Speed II
  • Research II
  • Food Production III
  • Gold Production III

This will give you the fastest construction and research times and boost food production for all those Cargo Ship exchanges.  Gold production III is the final skill to help increase your gold supplies for research.

For equipment you should follow my research and construction equipment guide. This covers the perfect equipment setup for your power levelling account.

Step 9 – Research

There is not a lot of research needed for this guide. The core research includes:-

  • Construction Speed
  • Food Harvesting
  • Tier 2 Troops
  • Monster Hunt III

If you get these as high as possible you will reduce your construction timers further, increase food production, have the right troops to unlock all areas of your turf and be able to attack level 3 monsters. Level 3 monsters reward you with a decent supply of speed ups and resources.

Once this is complete I would suggest unlocking Tier 3 troops and then trying to max out as much of the economics and military trees as possible.  Whilst not a requirement for this power levelling guide, you will need both completely maxed when you eventually go for tier 4 troops.


Hopefully the above steps will mean you rarely run out of resources and you should be reducing those building and research timers down to something manageable.

Check out the final part of this guide which will cover leader protection, speed ups, hero stages and monster farming.

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  1. Love is a cruel mistress

    Your guide makes sense only if you live in a kingdom of tulips where its normal to be c25 with 4 mil might, paper thin walls and less troops then skirmish 1 has. Where nobody burns your castle, and your guilds hive and where military research is laughed at. I’d like to meet your rushed castle, would be a glorious sight to see a 25 burned by a 20. I’ll quote someone from another guide. “Troops are love, troops are life”. Keep that in mind as you live a happy life in Utopia. What this guide should be, with slight changes is a guide for making a farm account. To be more precise, a food farm. I’ll tell you how much troops and might you lost in those 3 months.
    90 days × 24h = 2160h
    Training a 1000 t3 troops with talents/manor boost takes roughly 6 hours.
    2160/6=360k troops
    T3 troops give 24 might
    360000×24=8.640.000 might
    Are you laughing? Because i am…

  2. Laughing at your comment. it’s quite the set up. Boost buildings early and quick for stats. This is a free way to boost to 25 nothing other than that. After they hit 25, hell buy a pack or 2 in speeds. Make sure academy is 25 and bust out t4 research. Hell of a lot stronger account than training mass quantities of t3. If you can keep your rss and hero hidden, you’re not wasting any effort or time to get to your objective in the game. Such a Debby downer. You’ll also be able to pop out troops faster, so your theory of a 20 burning a 25 is inconclusive. I have full walls, a minute amount of troops and high research and gear….haven’t been burnt yet. Been fast tracking 25 as well

  3. I thought it was mentioned in the guide “free to play”… then T4 is definitely out of the question…

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