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Lords Mobile Power Level Guide Part 3


Power Level Guide Part 3

This article is the conclusion to my three part Lords Mobile players guide on how to free-play-power-level to Castle level 25 in less than 3 months.

Part 1 – Explained how to position and setup your turf in a new kingdom.

Part 2 – Looked at troops, traps, resources, leader build and research.

This final part looks at the protection you need to take against player attacks and how to earn free speed ups.

Step 10 – Leader Protection

Losing your leader is probably the most damaging thing that can happen to your account. It significantly reduces your building and research upgrade speeds, which slows your progress to Castle level 25 down considerably.

The simple way to protect your leader is to send him to your shelter on a 12 hour timer. You will need at least one troop to do this and I suggest sending a single tier 1 troop each time you send your leader to the shelter.

You need to log in at least twice a day in order to keep your leader in the shelter 24/7.

There will probably be times when you forget to do this and will inevitably lose your leader to another player. If the ransom is low it may be worth paying. Otherwise just wait it out until your leader is released, or executed. If the later happens then purchase a revial fruit from the guild shop.

During the time your leader is captured, try to choose low research and build timers. This is because you never know when your leader will be released. You will be kicking yourself if you just started a 5 day timer and your leader is released shortly after, possibly shaving days off your construction and research timers!

Step 11 – Guild Helps

Once you have a decent stock pile of resources from step 7 of this guide, you will find the biggest constraint on leveling is time. Reducing those lengthy build timers plays a vital role in our journey to Castle 25.

Before upgrading each building you should make sure your leader is wearing all your best construction speed equipment to get the maximum time reduction. After you hit upgrade the next thing to do is wait until you have received all your guild helps.

It is very important to wait for your helps before using a single speed up to optimize your build times. This is because a guild help reduces the remaining timer by 1% for each help. Therefore if you use speed ups first, your guild helps will provide much smaller time reductions.

Once all your helps have been received you are free to use speedups to get those timers down further.

Step 12 – Speed Ups

A lot of speed ups are needed in order to get to castle 25 within 3 months. We need to look at some of the best free methods of gaining speedups in Lords Mobile below.

  • Hero stages – Always complete your full entitlement of hero stages every day. Each stage usually rewards you with either a 5 minute or 10 minute speed up, which adds up significantly over time.
  • Attack Monsters – Attacking monsters on the map with your heroes often rewards speedups. The higher the level monster, the more chance of longer speed ups. Level 3 monsters should be achievable through research without too much investment in the monster hunter tree.
  • Cargo Ship – look for normal 2 and 3 star speed up rewards in the cargo ship. Remember that research speed ups can’t be applied to building upgrades.
  • Guild Gifts – these should supply you with at least one, or two speed ups a day. If not move guilds.
  • Guild Shop – Only purchase 3 hour speedups in the guild shop as they offer the best value per guild coin.
  • VIP – Do not waste speedups by taking your timer below the auto complete timer, determined by your VIP level.
  • Gems – It’s not generally a good idea to spend gems on speedups on a free to play account. They are very expensive and you are better using gems to upgrade your Treasure Trove.


If you follow all the steps in this power level guide you should be able to easily get to Castle 25 within 3 months, without purchasing any gems. This is a completely self sufficient method that doesn’t rely on alt accounts, your guild, or even defending yourself with troops.

Once you have everything setup and your whole turf unlocked, you should be able to login two, or three times a day to do the following:-

  • Shelter your leader.
  • Use your STA to auto complete hero stages.
  • Check your Cargo Ship deals.
  • Start/speedup building upgrades.
  • Use up your hero energy on monster attacks.
  • Collect guild gifts/helps.

Let me know how you get on, or if you have any questions in the comments section.

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  1. I assume this is an old guild, cause its pretty outdated and awful, 10 farms really? its 1 or your killing yourself

    • no its not the more farms the more food the point of his guide is speed so u dont wanna lose food and as you are always building troops you will lose food and more farms are better i have an account that i guarantee could stop any account you have and im positive food

  2. Uvuvwevwevwe onyetenyevwe ugwemubwem ossas

    I spend 10 hours a day and reached castle.25 in just 2 months l

  3. Huge question that I cannot figure out. How do you advance your hero past level 15? I cannot seem to do that. Of course I’m at level 7 castle so that might have something to do with it.

  4. thank you for putting together this guide, it is what i should have done from the beginning. instead, i tried to do too many things at once – training too many troops, gathering too much, rallying/chatting with guildies, research and construction was all over the place without much focus. if i just concentrated on getting to castle level 25 first, i wouldn’t have trained so many useless T2 troops, lost a lot of gold after getting attacked several times cause i gathered and stored too much gold (everytime i finished spending hours collecting 400k gold someone stronger would suddenly show up and steal it from me), lost SO many troops when they died during or after gathering, and lost SOO many resources healing/retraining T2s. all my resources were wasted on maintaining my stupid T2 army so that it takes forever to move up to higher lvl troops.

    to anyone else starting the game, getting your castle level up is the only thing that matters in the beginning. afterwards, do whatever you want – strengthen your wall, build a huge T4 army, gather lol, improve your monster hunting skills, attack higher level darknests, move up in the colosseum, do events with your guild, even store some gold without it getting stolen. every single other goal in the game becomes much easier to achieve after your castle is level 25.

    until you get there, don’t overtrain, don’t bother gathering, don’t store resources beyond what your vault can protect, just keep your leader + all troops in the shelter 24/7, and you will save yourself a lot of anger and frustration.

    btw random fact – 90% of the time i got attacked was on saturdays.

  5. I am in awe of this. Have been playing a 26 days I am at level 18 castle. And have about 30k t3 troops. No siege in t3 yet .
    I spent over close to 200 dollars so far. I have wasted a lot. This is so helpful . Thank you for taking the time and doing the research .
    The only reason I posted the amout of money I spent is looking back i would be stronger having done it the way explained above
    You absolutely rock.

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