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Lords Mobile Materials


Full list of where to find Materials in Lords Mobile

Finding materials needed to craft the best leader and hero equipment in Lords Mobile can be difficult. Whilst obtaining materials is relativity easy, getting the actual ones you need can be very tricky.

One problem is that certain materials only drop during special in game events, which last for a limited time only. This makes it very difficult to get enough to craft the best equipment before the event ends. You then have to wait for it to come round again.

Where to Find Materials

The following is a list of how you can obtain materials in Lords Mobile:

  • Admin and Guild Quests – reward standard material drops
  • Gathering – reward standard material drops
  • Monsters – reward special event material drops
  • Material Chests in the Gem Mall – reward standard material drops
  • Special Game Packs – reward special material drops

Admin and guild quests reward random materials. Gathering provides specific material depending on what type of resource tile you are on. Monsters provide specific special event material depending on the monster you kill. Chests provide random material drops. Special game packs reward materials that can’t be found in game.

Gathering on Resource Tiles

Each of the four main resource tiles drop specific materials. You should note that the higher the level of the resource tile, the higher the chance you will find better quality items.

Below is a list of which tiles to gather on to find standard materials in Lords Mobile:-

  • Amber – Rocks
  • Ancient Bark – Woods
  • Coal – Rich Vein
  • Coil Copper – Rocks
  • Feather – Woods
  • Fur Pelt – Field
  • Lava Mud – Rocks
  • Linen – Field
  • Logs – Woods
  • Metal – Rich Vein
  • Minerals – Rich Vein
  • Platinum – Rocks
  • Vines – Field

If you find any other materials on resource tiles, please let me know in the comments what you found and where. I will then keep the above list updated.


Attacking monsters has a chance to drop event equipment materials. The in game events change from time to time and you will only be able to get these materials depending on which event is currently active. Below is a list of monsters which drop the various different event materials.

  • Ancient Blueprints–Mecha Trojans
  • Beast Antlers – Snow Beast
  • Beast Blood – Snow Beast
  • Beast Paw – Snow Beast
  • Blood Sucker – Sabrefang
  • Chipped Horn – Noceros
  • Corrosive Toxin – Mega Maggot
  • Corrupted Soul – Grim Reapers
  • Crackling Hide – Noceros
  • Crusty Horn – Blackwings
  • Cursed Skull – Grim Reapers
  • Devil Horn – Hell Driders
  • Electric Horn – Noceros
  • Festive Bell – Snow Beast
  • Frostwing Claw – Frostwing
  • Fossilized Egg – Blackwings
  • Frostwing Heart – Frostwing
  • Frostwing Horn – Frostwing
  • Frostwing Scale – Frostwing
  • Gargantua Eye – Gargantua
  • Gargantua Fang – Gargantua
  • Gargantua Locks – Gargantua
  • Ghostly Shroud – Grim Reapers
  • Glowing Eye – Blackwings
  • Gryphon Core – Gryphon
  • Gryphon Egg – Gryphon
  • Gryphon Quill – Gryphon
  • Honey Jar – Terrorthorn
  • Iron Bolts – Gargantua
  • Jade Orb – Jade Wyrm
  • Lightning Vial – Noceros Hi
  • Maggot Tail – Mega Maggot
  • Maggot Teeth – Mega Maggot
  • Mega Barb – Mega Maggot
  • Mega Egg-sac – Mega Maggot
  • Metal Scraps – Hell Driders
  • Mutated Brain – Hell Driders
  • Oily Spring –Mecha Trojans
  • Prehistoric Hide – Sabrefang
  • Refined Gunpowder –Mecha Trojans
  • Rusty Horseshoe –Mecha Trojans
  • Sabre Tooth – Sabrefang
  • Savage Claw – Sabrefang
  • Slimy Scale – Blackwings
  • Smoldering Core – Hell Driders
  • Tattooed Skin – Gargantua
  • Terrorthon Seed – Terrorthorn
  • Terror Pollen – Terrorthorn
  • Terrorteeth – Terrorthorn
  • Terrorvine – Terrorthorn
  • Terrorwing – Grim Reapers
  • Wyrm Gut – Jade Wyrm
  • Wyrm Horn – Jade Wyrm
  • Wyrm Scales – Jade Wyrm
  • Wyrm Spine – Jade Wyrm

If you find any other special event materials on monsters, please let me know in the comments what you found and where and I will keep the list updated.

Purchase from Store

The following materials can only be obtained by purchasing in game packs from the mall. These are not always available in game, but do come round again during promotional periods:-

  • Adamant Plate  – Champion packs
  • Aged Leather – Hunter packs
  • Aurichalcum  – Champion packs
  • Crimson Main – Champion packs
  • Crytal Silk – Champion packs
  • Heat Ore – Hunter packs
  • Hunter’s Flame – Hunters packs
  • Rusted Chain – Hunter packs
  • Veroica’s Veil – Champion packs

Hopefully this list will tell you where every material drops in Lords Mobile. I will try to keep this updated as new materials are released.
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  1. What is the mega egg sack for and why don’t I see it in my bag?

    • Most legenrary stuff is pay only. IGG lies through its teeth. Perhaps the most greedy gaming company you could come across.

  2. This is a lie. Gryphon cores do not drop from Gryphons. In hundreds of hits, no one in my guild has ever received one. In thousands of hits, no one in any of the 3 kingdoms I have moved to has seen one.
    This is absolutely false advertising and the statement both here, and in game, needs to be revised to say, “Shop item only.”

    • You are right, I never received it from the monster. But it’s not a “shop item only” – I received some from the labyrinth.

    • Extremely disappointed

      I agree. That goes for jade orbs, and other key components as well. And even if you buy chests, your chances of getting one are extremely slim…

  3. You are right, I never received it from the monster. But it’s not a “shop item only” – I received some from the labyrinth.

  4. Hi
    Do i need heroes to have better chance to finding materials on the resources tile?

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