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Lords Mobile | Tools | Building and Research Speed Calculator

Lords Mobile Construction and Research Calculator


Research and Construction Speed Calculator

Here you will find a research and construction time calculator for Lords Mobile. Simply enter the original build, or research times, along with your own construction or research boost to see your individual time.

To find out your own boosts you need to click on your leader in the top left hand side of the screen and then select the magnifying glass. Your construction and research boost will be shown under the resources tab.

Enter Original Time

The calculator is useful for experimenting with different construction and research boosts. Simply enter different boosts to see what effect it has on your timers.

When you are first starting out in Lords Mobile, building and research boosts are two of the most useful bonuses in the game. They allow you to upgrade your buildings and unlock new research faster, which in turn is needed to upgrade your troops.

Your construction and research boosts can be increased through research, leader talent points, certain items and by increasing your Academy level.

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  1. Hey I was wondering if you could tell me the maths behind this calculator? I can see that 1% is equal to 1% but 10% is more like 9,1%

  2. How about the helps? It reduces the speed but this calculator didn’t have that feature
    Maybe next time you can add the feature “how many helps” / the castle’s level ☺

    • The ideal equation (given that everyone pressed help at the same time) is (Time Duration)*(0.99)^n
      where n is the number of help you could receive. For e.g. if the remaining time is 20hrs and you can receive 30 helps, ideally the time duration could be reduced to 14 hrs, 47 mins, 38 s.

  3. Looks good but we do need a way to find out how much time we save via speedups and research speedups to make it easier to complete speedup Guild Fest tasks. The current way I find is using a time calculator and then find out days just by dividing the total hours by 24.

  4. I get my hero saga of storm golden… So i should get 20% construction speed up boost… Right?
    But construction time remains same for saga of storm or for anyother heroes…
    Actually I a totally confused…. I am facing same confusion with tricksters…
    Can you please help me??

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