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Lords Mobile Fortified Flame Boulders


Flame Boulders are a tier 3 wall trap in Lords Mobile. They are strong against infantry troops, but countered by siege engine.

Flame Boulders are the tier 3 counterpart of Rolling Logs and require a level 17 Academy before they can be unlocked.

Tier 3 traps are a significant upgrade from tier 2, but cost 50% more resources to build and take double the time.

The tables below show the research cost, stats and build cost.

Flame Boulders

Food 139,939
Stone 233,231
Timber 233,231
Ore 171,036
Gold 377,706
Time 4d 9h 55m
Might 23,985
Req. Academy 17
Wall Strength II 3
Might 4
Attack 3
Defense 3
Health 3
Strength Infantry
Trap Costs
Food 75
Stone 75
Timber 75

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