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http://cersnow.com/?q=buy-viagra-tesco-pharmacy Fortified Tower is a tier 3 wall trap in Lords Mobile. They are strong against ranged troops, but countered by siege engine.

follow site Fortified Tower is the tier 3 counterpart of Sniper Tower and require a level 17 Academy before they can be unlocked.

http://channelproduction.com/?q=viagra-pricing-costco Tier 3 traps are a significant upgrade from tier 2, but cost 50% more resources to build and take double the time.

http://free3dmaxmodels.com/?q=canadian-pharmacy-online The tables below show the research cost, stats and build cost.

Fortified Tower

http://chandaulisamachar.com/?q=viagra-samples-2018 Research
Food 139,939
Stone 233,231
Timber 233,231
Ore 171,036
Gold 377,706
Time 4d 9h 55m
Might 23,985
Req. Academy 17
Wall Strength II 3
viagra for womens where to buy Stats
Might 4
Attack 3
Defense 3
Health 3
Strength Ranged
http://frankincense.world/?q=venta-viagra-generico-mexico Trap Costs
Food 75
Timber 75
Ore 75

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