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Lords Mobile Sniper Tower


Sniper Tower is a tier 2 wall trap in Lords Mobile. They are strong against ranged troops, but weak against siege engine.

Sniper Towers are the tier 2 counterpart of Archer Towers and requires a level 9 Academy before they can be unlocked.

Traps help to destroy attacking troops, saving your own troops from being killed. Ideally you should aim to have your walls at full trap capacity where possible.

The tables below show the research cost, stats and build cost.

Sniper Tower

Food 31,098
Stone 38,872
Timber 62,195
Ore 23,324
Gold 75,542
Time 21h 11m 0s
Might 4,797
Req. Academy 9
Trap Power I 3
Wall Strength I 1
Might 3
Attack 2
Defense 2
Health 2
Strength Ranged
Trap Costs
Food 50
Timber 50
Ore 50

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