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Lords Mobile Ancient Drake Rider

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how to get viagra without doctor The Ancient Drake are the tier 4 cavalry units in Lords Mobile. They are the fastest of all the tier 4 troops and are strong against infantry troops, but weak against ranged.

go here Riding a flying drake, these warriors rain destruction down from the skies. They are the tier 4 counterpart of Royal Cavalry.

follow The tables below show the research cost, stats and troop build cost.

Ancient Drake Rider

http://champion4x4.com/?q=cialis-super-viagra Research
Food 4,198,142
Stone 6,996,903
Timber 6,996,903
Ore 5,131,063
Gold 11,331,160
Might 1,247,182
Req. Academy 25
Army Offense I 10
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Upkeep 4
Might 36
Capacity 12
Speed 2
Attack 4
Defense 4
Health 4
Strength Infantry
Siege Engine
canadian prescription viagra medicine Unit Costs
Food 1,000
Stone 1,000
Ore 1,000
Gold 500

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