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Lords Mobile Catapult


The Catapult is the tier 2 siege unit in Lords Mobile. They have a very high load capacity and are strong against defenses, but weak against all other troop types.

Catapults are the tier 2 equivalent of Ballista. These large war machines throw rocks at enemy walls, causing significant destruction.

The tables below show the research cost, stats and troop build cost.


Food 153,932
Stone 256,554
Timber 256,554
Ore 188,139
Gold 415,476
Time 4d 20h 30m
Might 34,298
Req. Academy 9
Siege Toughness 2
Upkeep 2
Might 8
Capacity 10
Speed 3
Attack 2
Defense 2
Health 2
Strength Defenses
Unit Costs
Food 100
Stone 100
Timber 100
Ore 100
Gold 5

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