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Lords Mobile Destroyer


The Destroyer is the tier 4 siege unit in Lords Mobile. They have the highest load capacity in the game and are strong against defenses, but weak against all other troop types.

Destroyers are the tier 4 equivalent of Fire Trebuchets. These mounted war cannons wreck total havoc on enemy castle walls.

The tables below show the research cost, stats and troop build cost.


Food 5,597,523
Stone 9,329,204
Timber 9,329,204
Ore 6,841,417
Gold 15,108,213
Time 220d 15h 26m
Might 1,558,978
Req. Academy 25
Army Offense I 10
Upkeep 4
Might 36
Capacity 30
Speed 0
Attack 4
Defense 4
Health 4
Strength Defenses
Unit Costs
Food 1,000
Stone 1,000
Timber 1,000
Ore 1,000
Gold 500

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