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Heroic Fighter


The Heroic Fighter is the tier 4 infantry unit in Lords Mobile. They have a very high load capacity and are strong against ranged troops, but weak against cavalry.

Heroic Fighters are the tier 4 counterpart of the Royal Guard and requite a level 25 Academy before they can be unlocked. These heavily armored, axe wielding warriors, are the toughest infantry units in the game.

The tables below show the research cost, stats and troop build cost.

Heroic Fighter

Food 4,198,142
Stone 6,996,903
Timber 6,996,903
Ore 5,131,063
Gold 11,331,160
Might 1,247,182
Req. Academy 25
Army Offense 10
Upkeep 4
Might 36
Capacity 20
Speed 0
Attack 4
Defense 4
Health 4
Strength Ranged
Siege Engine
Unit Costs
Food 1,000
Timber 1,000
Ore 1,000
Gold 500

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