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Lords Mobile Royal Cavalry


Royal Cavalry are the tier 3 cavalry units in Lords Mobile. They are the fastest of all the tier 3 troops and are strong against infantry troops, but weak against ranged.

These heavily armored warriors charge into battle on equally armored horses. They are the tier 3 counterpart of Reptilian Riders.

The tables below show the research cost, stats and troop build cost.

Royal Cavalry

Food 485,897
Stone 583,076
Timber 485,897
Ore 388,717
Gold 944,264
Time 11d 0h 47m
Might 77,949
Req. Academy 17
Cavalry Health 2
Upkeep 3
Might 24
Capacity 9
Speed 3
Attack 3
Defense 3
Health 3
Strength Infantry
Siege Engine
Unit Costs
Food 150
Stone 150
Ore 150
Gold 10

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