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Lords Mobile Sharpshooter


The Sharpshooter is the tier 2 ranged unit in Lords Mobile. They have a average load capacity and are strong against cavalry troops, but weak against infantry.

Sharpshooters are the tier 2 counterpart of Archers. They fire volleys of arrows across the battlefield at enemy troops.

The tables below show the research cost, stats and troop build cost for sharpshooters.


Food 97,180
Stone 97,180
Timber 97,180
Ore 97,180
Gold 188,853
Time 2d 4h 58m
Might 15,590
Req. Academy 9
Ranged Defense 2
Upkeep 2
Might 8
Capacity 8
Speed 3
Attack 2
Defense 2
Health 2
Strength Cavalry
Siege Engine
Unit Costs
Food 100
Stone 100
Timber 100
Gold 5

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